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İtmeç was born in 1990, İzmir. He graduated from the Graphic Design Department of 9 Eylül University. He founded the artist duo with Ali Ünal for a period and carried out exhibitions and projects under the name of “ORTADOĞU” (Middle East). Currently working alone, İtmeç produces works on the new age and its accompanying devastations such as sorrow, chaos, irony, addiction and new age. Starting from his individual problems, the artist reflects into his art, in great and small degrees, all the troubles experienced by the youth of today. These can be encountered as a painting on daily used objects, an installation that interferes with the space, or a sculpture made with cheesy materials.


In İtmeç’s works there is always a somber but tough, romantic but bum, stubborn but naive side. Images of death, love, fire and loneliness that are frequently faced with in street culture and new world trends can be seen in his works. In order to keep up with the pace of the new age’s consumption, these visuals appear to be kitsch, ordinary and free from aesthetic concerns and stirs as if they were made in a bold, amateurish way. Referencing to the emotional worlds of young generations with irony and black humor, he combines pop with underground culture using  cigarette ends, leather jacket, rose, beer bottle, heart shapes and prayer beads. In short, the artist uses narratives of unintentionally occurred, thus shapeless, intersections between his own and the consumption culture.


Moreover, it is possible to see the echoes of his graphic education in İtmeç’s art. The artist has a holistic understanding of design in exhibitions. These may appear as different scripts, logos or various imaginary alphabets in each exhibition. The scripture often takes part as a visual expression in the artist’s works. He communicates directly with the audience, sometimes through a poem, other times through a slogan or with a manifesto. Fırat İtmeç continues to produce in his studio in İzmir.